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Welcome To iAppleTech2's Blogger Site.

This site was created to keep our viewers and subscribers more informed on Apple news, jailbreaks, cydia, apps, tweaks, and rumors.

This site will be a continuation of our YouTube Page, iAppletech2, BUT will also have tons of posts/blogs on apple news. If a news topic comes about and does not need a video demonstration, then this is the site it will be on. Its a quick and easy way to stay up to date.

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Why Blogger??

We get asked a lot, "Why did you choose Blogger, and not some other site or create your own?"
- The best possible answer is that Google's Blogger is a quick and easy way to create posts on Apple news and keep the readers informed. As our name is just beginning to get around, we didn't want to run up the expenses at first. As time expands, we will invest into bigger and better things.

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