Jan 12, 2012

Spire Proxy on 3G

A couple of weeks ago, the Spire port which was available to the iDevices, aloud users to get siri onto their device with a proxy server.

The tutorial designed aloud the user to get Siri on their device, but it was locked on wifi only. Luckily, I was able to find a good post on how to enable Spire to work over 3G. The tutorial on youtube is coming SOON!!!!!

How to install Spire tutorial Here
Here is the post:

First of all let’s do some port forwarding. We’re using an AirPort Extreme, so if you’re using any other router, use google to do your research on how to forward ports.
1. Open AirPort Utility
2. Click on Manual Setup
3. Go to Advanced > Port Mapping and tap on the “+” symbol
4. Put in 443 for all the ports and your IP address. Click continue
5. Fill in a description. Call it whatever you want. I called it Siri and click done
6. Now wait for your router to update and you’re done

Continue with the tutorial on youtube, or check out this post
All credits go the FSM for the info. I do not own this, FSMdotcom does. Thanks


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